Play and share a meeting recording in Teams.

Play and share a meeting recording in Teams.

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Any image, link, or discussion related to child pornography, child nudity, or other child abuse or exploitation. Since you can sign in Microsoft Stream, this means you have the valid Microsoft Stream license just as you mentioned above. However you cannot find the teams recorded meeting video there, may I know if only this specific meeting video not visible there? If other recorded meeting you cannot find them either, in this case as far as I know it is more likely that your Teams admin maybe change the storage of meeting recording.

For example it may be saved to SharePoint online or OneDrive for Business, please double check if you could find it there, thanks. Record a meeting. Issues with meeting recordings. Delete a meeting recording.

Edit a recording transcript. Microsoft Teams. Play and share a meeting recording in Teams. Microsoft Teams More Important: If your org is still using Microsoft Stream not OneDrive and SharePoint to store recordings and you are a meeting owner, you can change permissions and allow people without access to view a meeting recording.

Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? Do not have the required license to perform meeting recordings. Do not have enough permission to perform meeting recordings. Teams meeting recordings are not available in your region. Not everyone logged out from the meeting. The meeting recording media files were misplaced. Pre-check Make sure to stop the recording before the meeting ended.

Make sure all meeting attendees logged out from the Microsoft Teams meeting. Licensed with Microsoft Stream. Permission for Microsoft Stream upload video.

Consented to the company guidelines. Sufficient storage in Microsoft Stream for recordings to be saved. The user is not an anonymous, Guest, or federated user in the meeting.

This feature is not specific to clicking the record button, but is related to using Teams or other Microsoft apps overall. Our suggestion is to add your meeting recording information to your overall terms of use for using Teams or Microsoft As an admin, you can update the Teams recording and transcription privacy policy URL with a custom link for your organization.

You can do this in the Azure AD admin center using the following steps:. After adding your privacy policy URL, the default Teams meeting recording and transcription privacy statement will be replaced with the new URL provided by your organization. Anonymous, guest, and federated users who join Teams meetings hosted by your organization will still have the default Teams meeting recording and transcription privacy policy. Meeting recordings are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint cloud storage.

The location and permissions depend on the type of meeting and the role of the user in the meeting. The default permissions applied to the recording are listed below, users that have full edit rights on the video recording file can change the permissions and share it later with others as needed. The recording is stored in a folder named Recordings in the OneDrive of the user who clicked record. People invited to the meeting, except external participants, will automatically be granted permission to the recording file with view access without ability to download.

The meeting owner and the person who clicked record will get full edit access with ability to change permissions and share with other people. The recording is stored in the Teams site documentation library in a folder named Recordings. If a meeting recording isn't able to be uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint, it will temporarily be available for download from Teams for 21 days before it is deleted.

This is not something at this point that an admin can control or manage to include the ability to delete it. The recording retention for this is temporary storage is affected by the chat message itself. As such, any deletion of the original chat message for the recording will prevent users from being able to access the recording. There are two scenarios that can affect this:.

User manually deletes the chat message —In this scenario, as the original message is gone, users will no longer be able to access the recording and no further downloads will be possible. However, the recording itself may still be retained within Microsoft's internal systems for a time not exceeding the original day period. Recording chat message is deleted by chat retention policy —Temporary storage recordings are directly tied to the chat retention policy.

As such, although recordings on Teams temporary storage will by default be retained for 21 days before being deleted, if the chat message is deleted before the day time period, due to chat message retention policies, the recording will also be deleted.

There is no way to recover the recording after this. The size of a 1-hour recording is MB. Make sure you understand the capacity required for recorded files and have sufficient storage available in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Read Set the default storage space for OneDrive and Manage SharePoint site storage limits to understand the base storage included in the subscription and how to purchase additional storage. See the frequently asked questions for admins and end users to gather insights into how auto-expiration of Teams meeting recordings will work, what actions you can take now, and what actions you can take after the feature launches. Learn more about the admin-specific changes here.

Learn more about how end users can manage meeting expiration here. Meeting recordings are stored as video files in OneDrive and SharePoint and follow management and governance options available in those platforms. Read SharePoint governance overview for more information.

For non-channel meetings, the recordings are stored in the recorder's OneDrive, thus handling ownership and retention after an employee leaves will follow the normal OneDrive and SharePoint process.

Closed captions for Teams meeting recordings will be available during playback only if the user had transcription turned on at the time of recording.


- Article - Teams Meetings: Downloading

  However, the meeting organizer or the the meeting recorder will need to approve your share action before other people will get access. Only the person who started the recording and the meeting organizer can download the recording. Whether other Owners can download the records well. Any updates will be highly appreciated. Check out this article I found in the Client Portal knowledge base. Share a link to a meeting recording with others.    


Download microsoft teams recording online. Teams Meetings: Downloading a Teams Meeting Recording

    Visit Microsoft Streams. · Go to My Content>Meetings. · Select the video/recording you want to download. · Scroll down, and click the more options. Add the video to a Teams conversation by selecting Attach beneath the compose box. Download a Teams meeting recording from OneDrive · In an Internet browser, open your OneDrive, click the waffle menu (App launcher), refer to.


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